Friday, July 31, 2015

Rock Bottom

May 18

Light. It's the first thing you see: the sun rising over the ocean. Pools of liquid gold, and glittering flashes of red five over to the sharper flashes of white as it rises higher into the sky and the surf really starts to kick off.

That's odd, you think, because in the space of what should have been several hours the sun moved in mere seconds. You could trace its very movement across the sky. How blue is that? It's thirst-quenching blue, the kind that would stick to your fingers if...

Where the hell are my fingers?

"Don't worry about it," says a small voice and you look and see a beautiful stone. Gray with flecks of mica catching in the sun, and a belt of thick, white quartz spanning his middle.

His? How on earth do I even know that little stone is a he ?

"You're new here, right? And you're not wrong, I'm a dude. My name... Oh, shit. Cindy was right, you do forget after a while. I used to have a name like you. But, it kind of fades away - I think it's the tide that does it. Just a little bit at a time."

Panic swells in the pit of your something, it was highly doubtful it was your stomach, but it still felt like it.

"Easy, buster. It's been awhile, but I still remember my first day" he said, and you realize the water is rising. "Speaking of the tide - this is actually pretty awesome."

The water pools around and over you, obscuring your vision of the sky. But it didn't matter, because the water felt unlike any water you'd ever touched. It was singing gently, rocking you like a mother rocks her child who's had a nightmare. And you know all the words and sing them with her. And just as suddenly she puts you down, back on the beach. You want desperately to cling to her, but the fear  was less now.

"See? Wasn't that great? It gets better every time. Don't worry about it, she'll be back before you know it. Look at that cloud over there, and watch as it floats through the sky."

The cloud was a fat cumulonimbus, and its outline undulated in the bold light of the day. But as the sun dipped behind the horizon the cloud exploded into so many colors. You could feel them all over, and they were warm. And music flowed from the colors and you were somehow singing with it. We were all singing it.

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