Friday, October 2, 2015

Seeing Red

(NOTE: I've stopped responding to prompts in the threads of reddit)

Walls shook and shuddered and with a hideous groan, the earth tore itself asunder and Gund Galrun rose from the pits of his realm. He stood 12-feet tall, bathed in the warm blood of the fallen. His eyes were voids of darkness, and horns curled from his forehead, brushing against the lace canopy of Ellie's Hello Kitty Princess Surprise bed.

"I am Gund Galrund, lord of wounds, heart's liquor and sacrifice for grim victory. You have called and I have come," his voice shook several plastic horses from the shelves, and a pile of chapter books fell in a heap.

"Be careful! You are messing up my room," said Ellie, stopping to re-stack the books and rescue the ponies, which were various shades of lavender and pink.

"Sorry," said Gund Galrund, who bent down to assist, only to rip the canopy that had become tangled in his horns.

"Oh, no!" cried Ellie, her eyes going wide and then brimming with tears. "You ripped it?! What am I going to tell mom?"

"I..." Gund Galrund made a fumbling attempt to get the lacy thing back together. "Wait, why have you summoned me?"

She stood up straight, all of three-foot-ten-inch frame bristling with indignation. Arms filled with plastic ponies and a slight quiver to her lip, her blonde hair caught up in pig-tails.

"I am Ellie Fitzhubert, age 6 and I will win Mrs. Gibbons' Annual Spelling Bee, and Sally Higgins won't stop me," she said.

"You wish for me to spill her blood with bees?" asked Gund Galrund. "I've never done that before."

"No, Goofus, I want you to make her spell sanguine wrong. She thinks she's so smart," said Ellie popping the horses back on the shelf more forcefully than she needed to.

"My name is Gund Galrund, not Goofus." He said, peeling the lace off his head. It dripped red, and Gund frowned at the girl.

"I don't care if you're name is Mary Poppins, I summoned you by the last rite of Dane Gah'nechth and you are bound to do my bidding," said Ellie with a smile. "First, fix my bed. Second, take me to Sally's house."

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