Friday, May 20, 2016


April 5, 2016

"Haven't you ever heard of a cover story?" Kel asked, as she packed up some bread and cheese into her haversack, her pale blue eyes locked on Ocheeva.

The argonian's eyes narrowed. "Of course we have, we are just concerned that you will bring undue attention to our sanctuary."

"You're being silly," said the Imperial. "When people see me, they don't see an assassin. They see the greatest mage of the Cyrods who laid low the King of Worms. They see a soldier who braved the horrors of the Deadlands to save...Well, save might be too strong a word... But close the gates at Kvatch. Why am I in Cheydenhal? Because I need to sort out some Mage's Guild business. The Count is still grateful to me for saving his twit of a son. And I'm this close to being Champion at the Arena."

Kel was setting out apples onto the table as she spoke.

"Fabulous," said Ocheeva, her voice crackling like a fire. "We need throngs of fans lining up at the sanctuary door."

"I'm careful. I've always been very careful," said Kel. "Haven't I always done a good job? Look at this dress, the scales, the ring - there hasn't been a bonus I haven't earned."

The argonian picked up and apple and shined it against the dark leathers of her armor before taking a bite.

"Fair enough. Look, Kel, I'm sorry, it just came as a shock. We're not used to having heroes in our midst," Ocheeva sighed.

"You know better than anyone that I'm not a hero," Kel said. But Ocheeva could no longer hear her.

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