Friday, August 19, 2016

When Heroes Kill

I just tried out 100% Chameleon to see what all the fuss was about. I then proceeded to kill every (city-dwelling) citizen of Cyrodiil without any resistance.

Author's Note: This came from the above reddit link. The OP said "I feel like I should have read about that in Skyrim." So I wrote about it.

Found in the stacks of Apocrypha

Journal of Erina Jeranus

(All that are left are bloodstained scraps of vellum in a rotted leather binding)

Some of us lived. We don't know why, but so many died. What I couldn't understand was how everyone could be so calm about it. The guards asking about rumors and reminding citizens to stay on the road.

As if bandits were what was soaking our homes in blood. No one ever saw who did it, but I remember when I was in the basement, chatting with Sindarion about his plans to travel. He stopped suddenly, like he was clearing his throat. I looked at him and he had the oddest expression, then the blood poured from the gash in his neck, some spurting... Oh, Divines! Why?

I knew someone was here. I don't know why I wasn't killed. I followed the sound of footsteps - I know it was madness, but what else was there to do? The only reason I could was because so many were already dead, and the streets of Skingrad were silent.

Footsteps echoed off buildings filled with corpses. The stench should have been overwhelming, but I had become used to it. There was a strange shimmer in the air, like the shadow of a shadow. So I watched, hands shaking, heart beating so loudly I knew he could hear it.

Then I caught sight of the murderer, and recognized the killer as the one who had saved us all from the swarming hordes of Oblivion: The Champion of Cyrodiil. He smiled at me before moving down the road towards Anvil.

The Gods have abandoned us.

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